Friday, November 21, 2008

Barak ignores Indian American concerns with appointment

US President-elect Obama named Indian-American policy wonk Sonal Shah as a leader of a key policy working group, ignoring charges from Indian groups in the U.S about her alleged links with radical Hindu groups.

The groups protesting the appointment had asked her to clarify her position.

India has seen a surge in fascist nationalist violence in the name of hinduism. Sonal Shah has family based links to several of these groups, and she once raised funds for one of the fascists outfits, during an earthquake disaster. Sonal Shah has since issued a statement that sought to distance herself from the associations.

Ex-Freddie Mac to be White House Chief of staff

President elect Barak Obama has selected an Ex Freddie Mac veteran to be chief of staff at the white house.

This decorated and much loved (Not!) politic once sent dead fish to a pollsters.

Exactly the change we need - yes we can !

Obama not eligible for President?

Apparently, the rumors go, Obama was born in Kenya, and his Hawaiian issued birth certificate was issued by the states at a time in the 60s, to all foreign born citizens.

Now, I'm not sure how far this is true, and I am a skeptic - but it does make me wonder, why there isn't much media scrutiny into this matter.

As of now, this matter is cloudy at best.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Obama's engine for change fueled by old-timers

Barack Obama, who swept the U.S. presidential election on a mantra of change, apparently believes it is Washington old-timers who are best equipped to steer the country in a promised new direction.

Few media outlets comment on the let down.

Qaeda scorns Obama with racial slur

Further dashing the hopes of those who voted for Obama that the world will now "Love us more", Al Qaeda left a message for Obama.

Tinged with racial slurs, the message dashed hopes for those who thought that terrorists could be won over by a promise of change.

Iran criticizes Obama's nuclear comments

Iran's Foreign Ministry dismissed comments by U.S. President-elect Barack Obama about Tehran's disputed nuclear ambitions and said it did not expect any major change in the policies of its old foe.

Obama unveils ignorance - and disses Nancy while at it

President Elect Obama, tried to get a laugh from adoring reporters but ended up the butt of his joke - well to those who weren't in the same league of ignorance as him.

Obama made a lame reference to Nancy Reagan running seances in whitehouse.

Unfortunately, no such event occured - it was in fact another media favorite who ran those seances - yes, Hillary Clinton herself, wife of the left coast's darling southerner.

Nancy Reagan at the time, was recovering from a broken hip bone and chose to not comment.

Hillary Clinton, biding her time, waiting in the wings for a post in the new cabinet, kept a stunned silence, wondering how and why she lost the nomination.

Several reporters nationwide meanwhile, elated from the victory they engineered, failed to nail the facts.

Meanwhile, to hordes of ignoramuses, a new urban legend of Nancy Reagan was born.

Net savvy Obama's pet challenge

On a lighter note - President Elect Obama expressed concern at not being able to find a hypoallergenic dog in a shelter.

With millions of dogs languishing in shelters, and several accessible online, several animal lovers wondered with bewilderment at the ignorance of our new soon to be president.

Some stepped up with a web campaign to promote the knowledge.

Doctors and allergists meanwhile, fumed and asserted that there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog - further underscoring the president elect's ignorance.

Biggest Stock Dive Greets Obama

After rallying the previous day, the stock market posted its biggest post election dive following the news of Barak Obama's election day victory.

Let the people wait

The President Elect conducts his first press conference - several days after winning the election.

Riding on the wave of urgency surrounding the economic crisis, the president elect decided that those who voted him in, could wait a few days.

We finally got to hear him speak, announcing, "I'm going to confront the economic crisis".

He failed to mention why we had to wait 2-3 days to hear him speak on a matter that was urgent and decidedly the reason why the voters spoke him into the highest office in the nation.

In the mean time, a wondering stock market, lost its patience, and slide a 1000 points, the largest drop in decades.

The Obama Score Card

Well, we have a new president-elect now and the country can breathe a sigh of relief. Well, not so fast.

We have a president, who has no executive experience, minimal experience in government, excellent public speaker, but someone who has changed his mind frequently. Elected into office on waves of those demanding change, this is someone who more than 95% of the time voted along party lines, and was among the top 5 liberal law makers in Congress. Swept into office on the groundswell of those who wanted change in the whitehouse - there's a lot of hope resting on his shoulders. For the sake of the country there's hope and faith that all will be well again - however I remain a skeptic. And so here's my account of a score card, the likes you won't find on media sites such as cnn, msnbc, cbs, abc news.