Thursday, November 20, 2008

Obama unveils ignorance - and disses Nancy while at it

President Elect Obama, tried to get a laugh from adoring reporters but ended up the butt of his joke - well to those who weren't in the same league of ignorance as him.

Obama made a lame reference to Nancy Reagan running seances in whitehouse.

Unfortunately, no such event occured - it was in fact another media favorite who ran those seances - yes, Hillary Clinton herself, wife of the left coast's darling southerner.

Nancy Reagan at the time, was recovering from a broken hip bone and chose to not comment.

Hillary Clinton, biding her time, waiting in the wings for a post in the new cabinet, kept a stunned silence, wondering how and why she lost the nomination.

Several reporters nationwide meanwhile, elated from the victory they engineered, failed to nail the facts.

Meanwhile, to hordes of ignoramuses, a new urban legend of Nancy Reagan was born.

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